The Real Gospel in the Stars (China)

The Real Gospel in the Stars (China) The story told my many cultures in the stars shares many similarities among each other, similar to the mythological stories told in many religions, but what is the source of these stories and ways of looking at the sky, where do they originate. I will argue the knowledge passed down through so many generations originates from the Israelite people and that from that point onward multiple other groups adopted and changed this stories. I will also try to identify the original constellations and their meanings if the origin is revealed to me in YHW's might. ASIA Asia holds the oldest unbroken record of astronomical data that we have to this date. This document comes from China ... ‍ AD 635 a missionary arrived to China in Chang' An, the scriptures were translated in the imperial library and the emperor read them himself and was impressed, founding a Siryan church saying:  "Right principles have no invariable name, holy men have no invariabl

The Influence of the Heavens

The Influence of the Heavens Intro Throughout history it's been difficult for humanity to explain the forces which dictate the interaction of astral bodies. Kepler attempted to explain the motions of the planets through a "Father" energy which was emanating from the Sun, and despite his inaccuracies he paved the path to the discovery of the forces that rule our universe. In this post I'll briefly examine the forces that rule our universe and concentrate on the phenomena that we cannot explain through these forces. I'll try to uncover the influence that these forces in the heavens have on us. The forces that Influence the Heavens Scientists currently identify four fundamental forces in the universe which explain almost all interactions we can detect: gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force. The common characteristic of these forces is that they all decrease with distance and they are dependent on another condition. For example, gravi