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#1 In the Beginning

  Welcome to our first exploration of the Mazzaroth and its mysteries. Today, we'll explore what the heavens mean. Then we'll explore some basic astronomy and useful tools to understand what we need to know about the heavens in order to serve our Messiah and follow his Torah. Without further ado, thank you for joining, and let's dive in! What are the heavens? "In the beginning, Elohim created the heavens and the Earth," (Bereshit 1:1). Our Father's first words point us towards Elohim, the earth, and the heavens as starting points in our life journey of revelation. The word utilized here for heavens is "shamayim," which is composed of two distinct roots: "sham," (שָׁם) which means "there," and "mayim," (מַיִם) which means "water." This quite literally translates to "there is water," but what does that tell us about the heavens and what they encompass? Firstly, it is important to note that "heavens

The Rediscovery of the Heavens (Renaissance)

The Rediscovery of the Heavens (Renaissance) During the Renaissance, knowledge about the heavens increased in Europe as a result of the "re-discovery" of Greek manuscripts through translations into the romance languages widespread in Europe at the time. But how this knowledge was "re-discovered" is rather obscure or understated by historians in my opinion. What did we discover about the heavens? Was it perverted? Do we have any vestige of this knowledge? I'll briefly explore some of my findings regarding these questions. Not the smallest letter will disappear Throughout history, the Jewish people have been pivotal to our understanding of history, particularly during and after the middle ages. Through some conversations with an aspiring historian, I found that there are a couple of reasons for the former claim. First, the Jews write down all their history, second, they have basically written in the same language forever, and lastly, their feasts and spirituality

The Real Gospel in the Stars (China)

The Real Gospel in the Stars (China) The story told by many cultures in the stars shares many similarities with each other, similar to the mythological stories told in many religions, but what is the source of these stories and ways of looking at the sky, and where do they originate. I will argue the knowledge passed down through so many generations originates from the Israelite people and that from that point onward multiple other groups adopted and changed these stories. I will also try to identify the original constellations and their meanings if the origin is revealed to me in YHW's might. China's astronomy Asia holds the oldest unbroken record of astronomical data that we have to this date. The oldest document comes from China in the form of Oracle bone inscriptions, which explained astronomical events and their interpretation for the ancient Chinese. This record provides rudimentary practices of astronomy which do not provide much insight into the deeper understanding of

Heavenly Forces: Gravity, Light, and Dark Matter

Heavenly Forces: Gravity, Light, and Dark Matter Intro Throughout history, it's been difficult for humanity to explain the forces which dictate the interaction of astral bodies. Kepler attempted to explain the motions of the planets through a "Father" energy that emanates from the Sun. Despite his inaccuracies, he paved the path to the discovery of the forces that rule our universe. In this post, I'll briefly examine the forces that rule our universe and concentrate on the phenomena that we cannot explain through these forces. I'll try to uncover the influence that these forces in the heavens have on us. The Forces that Influence the Heavens Scientists currently identify four fundamental forces in the universe that explain almost all interactions we can detect: gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force. The common characteristic of these forces is that they all decrease with distance and they are dependent on another condition. For ex